RXR-023, 2011.


His mind was adrift, he intended to drill.
He looked worn out yet refused to be
The one to give up; lose his faith and his heart,
The hope they tried so hard to shut down.

Put through the mill and borne with the strain,
Exposed to torments, he never complained.
No-win situations in his everyday life
Just re-inforced his desire to survive.

Drilling. Feeling. Living. And survive.

Climbing to power at any cost?
No way, he can’t, he'd be torn by remorse.
The common not-give-but-obtain mindset,
The rivalry, he’s so much bigger than that.

Malicious tongues around him creating mistrust,
All their bad intentions - a whirl of dust.
Worthy qualities cause such little stir,
A shame, the problem of an entire breed.

Drilling. Feeling. Living. And survive.

I want to give him the hope, lend a helping hand
And make him believe that all his efforts
Weren't useless, that they weren't in vain.
I want to make 'em count. Make 'em count.


from Self​-​Titled EP, track released April 28, 2011



all rights reserved


REARRANGED город Москва, Russian Federation

Rearranged is a Moscow based band that got together sometime in 2008 when a couple of friends decided they wanted to do something that would be lyrically inspiring, challenging and honest while capturing the authenticity and sound of such acts as Minor Threat, Insted, Dag Nasty, Warzone and Youth of Today. ... more

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