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Anger Batter Records 001, 2010


released July 12, 2010



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REARRANGED город Москва, Russian Federation

Rearranged is a Moscow based band that got together sometime in 2008 when a couple of friends decided they wanted to do something that would be lyrically inspiring, challenging and honest while capturing the authenticity and sound of such acts as Minor Threat, Insted, Dag Nasty, Warzone and Youth of Today. ... more

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Track Name: Projections
Dissatisfaction. Expectations that have been deceived.
Internal peace and balance are the ultimate ends to be achieved
When an image of success defines the goals of a temporary life.
This comfort zone we are no longer scared to step outside.

We were conceived in love but raised to obey
With education that leads to a state of decay.
This passive vision of life is stripping identities,
Resulting in plastic living that lacks integrity.

Sometimes it feels that we’re walking in someone else’s shoes
In a world that is being perceived
As a fading projection of their foreign views.
But we’ll take the risk not to complete the cycle
And be different, stand out from the rest.
With such a life philosophy we can’t be content.

How can potentials be fulfilled when some force contains?
We’ll try to expose ourselves to learn from our own mistakes.
We’re not afraid to assume responsibility and we will
If that will bring us the serenity of mind we need.

Just let us choose.