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The debut EP on REACT! Records of Moscow's powerhouse Rearranged picks up right where they left off on their previous release, always showcasing the band’s musical and lyrical growth. Drawing influences from classic DC and Orange County-based acts, the follow up of their full-length 'New Forms' delivers five brand new songs of speedy and intense hardcore punk that sometime resemble Minor Threat and Insted, yet managing to attain a character all its own. Recorded and engineered by Mikhail Gabolaev at PravdaPro Studio and mixed by Gustav Brunn at Studio Bengt in Lund, this release proves to be the bands most mature and cohesive work to date. Art duties handled by Ulf Hammarkärr of The Effort fanzine fame. Here you can listen to two new songs, 'Disengage Now' and 'Drilling'. Pre-orders for the new record are already up at the REACT! Records webstore.


released May 23, 2011



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REARRANGED город Москва, Russian Federation

Rearranged is a Moscow based band that got together sometime in 2008 when a couple of friends decided they wanted to do something that would be lyrically inspiring, challenging and honest while capturing the authenticity and sound of such acts as Minor Threat, Insted, Dag Nasty, Warzone and Youth of Today. ... more

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Track Name: Disengage Now
Are we consuming to satisfy our needs?
We’re trying to live much beyond our means.
Attached to the impermanent, we cherish more
The tangible. The inward is yet to be explored.

The more we have, more we aspire to possess.
To then find ourselves broken, depressed, obsessed.

Disengage and delimit the role, that the material,
The unsteady plays in our lives as a whole.
Because we’re not eternal and neither's what we own.
What will be left after we are gone, man?
Track Name: Drilling
His mind was adrift, he intended to drill.
He looked worn out yet refused to be
The one to give up; lose his faith and his heart,
The hope they tried so hard to shut down.

Put through the mill and borne with the strain,
Exposed to torments, he never complained.
No-win situations in his everyday life
Just re-inforced his desire to survive.

Drilling. Feeling. Living. And survive.

Climbing to power at any cost?
No way, he can’t, he'd be torn by remorse.
The common not-give-but-obtain mindset,
The rivalry, he’s so much bigger than that.

Malicious tongues around him creating mistrust,
All their bad intentions - a whirl of dust.
Worthy qualities cause such little stir,
A shame, the problem of an entire breed.

Drilling. Feeling. Living. And survive.

I want to give him the hope, lend a helping hand
And make him believe that all his efforts
Weren't useless, that they weren't in vain.
I want to make 'em count. Make 'em count.
Track Name: Release
Screaming at the top of our lungs.
Can these words be heard
Among the conformist population
So desperately trying to fit the mold?

Release. We sing our feelings
Searching for release.

Supressing the feeling
Won't make despair heal.
Screaming at walls, we're gonna have our say,
Shake the ground and make it feel real.

Release. We sing our feelings
Searching for release.
Track Name: Doubt Explores Truth
A struggle to break through,
Reason outside a frame.
Self-proclaimed keepers of the truth
In this losing game.

Questioning is knowing,
Doubt explores truth.

The idle conceit
Won't bear the test of time.
Universal truths many rumble
Like the dust will be gone.

Questioning is knowing,
Doubt and explore truth.

Gain insight of our lives,
Grow wise and seize life.

Put doubt upon what we think it's right
To come closer to knowledge, truly seeing life.
We must refine our understanding of things
To maybe grasp what truth really is.
To make conceptions broader
And small thinking die out.
Questioning is knowing,
Doubt explores truth.
Track Name: Confronting Death
Death, we all come face to face with her one day
But we fear the coming of what will be our end:
Not the endless sleep, not death itself, but
The unpredictability of how and when.

We have to learn to reconcile
With the idea that we will die.
So it's essential to cognize
What this world can offer us
And how to get the most from life today.

A strong form of dismay is likely to be
The reasonable response of any human being
When facing the prospect that, looking back, we might
Realize that the choices that we aimed for weren't right.
We quest for meaning, we continue to ask
What's the purpose behind our lives.
I'm ready to confront death today.
Confronting death today.